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Spotless Sheet Mask


Skin types: Acne prone, red/inflamed/rosacea
Anti blemish sheet mask that calms inflammation and balances oil production.

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The Spotless CBD anti-blemish sheet MASK may calm signs of inflammation and return oily skin to a calmer, clearer state. Manuka Honey Extract, revered for its naturally occurring antibacterial properties, assists to gently combat breakouts as it delivers hydration to ease irritation.

Helichrysum Essential Oil may work to help heal blemishes, encouraging signs of skin renewal and cell turnover to lessen the look of redness and scarring.

Tranquility is revealed with this CBD sheet mask for oily skin.

How to use:

Peel both outer sides. Apply mask to clean, dry skin and gently pat with fingertips to ensure mask adheres to skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, taking care mask does not “dry” on face. Slowly peel mask off to reveal calmer looking skin. Follow with your favorite moisturizer.