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Color Up CBD Skin Care

Color Up CBD Skin Care

Color Up is an award-winning CBD skincare company that is rooted in science, created with intention, and made with love. Committed to creating clean, natural, and pure products, our primary line Color Up offers bio-compatible, skin-identical ingredients like vegan squalane, hyaluronic acid, and peptides.

The products are lightly scented with the highest quality essential oils, isolates, terpenes, and plant extracts for therapeutic and aromatic effects. 

An Ethical CBD Skin Care Company

Color Up is committed to using organic, natural, and environmentally friendly ingredients wherever possible. Ingredients are sourced from cruelty-free, ethically conscious suppliers. Each ingredient is chosen after thorough and meticulous research by both chemists and biologists. Color Up chooses what is right versus what is easy, so you can count on this CBD skin care company to make the best decisions when it comes to formulating products.

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Color Up is a CBD skincare company with a large selection of high-quality products to care for your skin. Take a look at the website!